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Welcome to Amanda Watson Holistic Touch.

Working with therapies that deliver an holistic approach of supporting people, to attain and maintain good health, wellbeing and increasing resilience.

My experience is that; for a person to be able to access their healing and growth, it is important to work in a way that addresses the needs of the whole person i.e.

  • SPIRITUALLY                                                                                                                                            (In my professional association NHMA, this is known as PEEMS)


Please click on the blue, named therapy for more information about the therapy.

  • TRAUMA DISCHARGE THERAPY  A revolutionary, BodyMind therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system and increase resilience.  Working with a unique type of massage that is powerfully blended with  Psychology and the very latest Neuroscience. The therapy focuses on movements that directly impact the nervous system.  (treatments are in person),

  • BRIEF TA THERAPY – 1 to 1 sessions of talking therapy (either in person or online), enabling people to function more successfully in society and leading to greater autonomy i.e. self knowledge, self respect, self worth and healthier relationships.

  • QUANTUM HEALING – group sessions (online via zoom) including, meditations, visualisations, self soothing tools and breathing techniques to help with your health, resilience and wellbeing.

  • MASSAGE THERAPY –  A psychologically informed approach to massage, delivering a powerful and comprehensive therapy. RESTORE, RECONNECT AND REBALANCE – Clients can experience a great many benefits with regular massage including; pain relief, increased mobility, flexibility, improved mood, relief from worry anxiety, increased energy, better sleep, increased self awareness, feeling more balanced, improved digestion and much, much more.

All services are available by pre-booked appointment only. Please contact me for availability

A full risk assessment has been completed and the changes have been put in place, in line with the government guidelines and the recommendations of my professional association. I am continuing to monitor both government guidance and industry best practice to keep my clients, my community and myself safe from Covid-19