Trauma Discharge Therapy (TDT) – buildinTDT-Logog resilience in a world of trauma.

Trauma discharge therapy is a revolutionary, new BodyMind therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system.  It does this through the delivery of a unique type of therapy, which is a powerful blend of Massage, Psychology and the very latest Neuroscience. The massage focuses on movements that directly impact the nervous system.

In today’s world, things are changing faster than ever and on an unprecedented scale. The changes and complexity of our environment, along with the high level of uncertainty puts a tremendous strain on our functionality and capacity in every way.  This affects our ability to problem solve and our very existence. We have to choose carefully what we are feeding ourselves i.e. mind, body and soul. Increasingly, people are becoming more aware of the impact of trauma and how this is affecting us in everyday life.

Some identifiable signs of trauma are e.g:-

  • Physically, with chronic conditions affecting & depleting our immune systems, aches and pains, limited mobility, headaches that won’t shift.
  • Emotional instability, overriding feelings of fear, worry, anxiety.
  • People struggling with a lack of Energy and chronic exhaustion, whilst other people experience hyperactivity and run around, doing lots though don’t actually get anything done.
  • Increasingly cases of  Mental health being affected, unable to think or can’t stop thinking. Mind is overloaded or overwhelmed.
  •  People are also being affected on a more Spiritual plane i.e.  have a loss of purpose or meaning to their lives.  People who just want an escape from the world that we live in, by whatever means they can find.

These are just a few examples, though by no means exhaustive of how living with trauma is having an impact.


Our nervous systems were never designed to be exposed to this much worldwide trauma. We are living in a TRAUMA-SPHERE. The amount of triggering and re-triggering that is going on through social media and other channels is overwhelming the mirror neurons that evolution gave us to empathise and help each other.  Now those mirror neurons are being triggered wherever we turn our attention. These large amounts of uncertainty and political unrest are  triggering our own personal traumas, remembered or unremembered’. (Gerry Pyves)

Research also shows that the traumas we carry are not only our own traumas, i.e. trauma that has been passed on to us through past generations. (Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) studies (Felitti et al 1998))

Clients who have chosen to work with ‘trauma discharge therapy’ have found improvements on all levels i.e. Physically, Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.  Click here for client testimonials.


When a person is living their trauma, they are not operating from their logical, conscious thinking brain’. Safe touch, is one of the key ways to reach the centres of the brain where trauma can be healed. It can communicate directly with our limbic system and soothe our nervous system.

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At its heart, Trauma Discharge Therapy embraces the very latest neuroscience and the most recent developments in our understanding of trauma and links this, with some of the most ancient healing bodywork movements known.

I have been fortunate to be able to learn directly from Gerry Pyves, the creator of Trauma Discharge therapy and director of The Academy for Psycho-Tactile Therapies, in the UK. This training academy runs courses for Bodyworkers, Psychotherapists and other health professionals in the transformational use of psychologically informed touch and Transactional Analysis.

Contact me for your free booklet; Trauma Discharge Therapy i.e. how it works, signs of trauma and how you can build your resilience.

Hear Gerry Pyves (the creator of ‘Trauma Discharge Therapy”),  talk in more detail about, what trauma discharge is- click here