I have had 12 weekly sessions with Amanda via Zoom. I found having the sessions via zoom quite benefitting. It allowed me to be in a comfortable place and to have anything to hand that I might need to help ease any anxiety etc. For me that was my cup of tea! I did feel even though by Zoom that Amanda could see any emotions that I was experiencing and reacted to these appropriately. Amanda is very attentive to making sure that you are always in a safe zone. I enjoyed each session, and felt that Amanda just lit the way for me to oversee some behaviours/patterns that I might be experiencing. I felt that the therapy allowed me to step out of me, and I could see things clearer. I now know ways to ease certain situations/conflicts, and I also have managed to identify where I was losing energy. (Mentally/emotionally/physically) The best part for me was when I had a feeling that all of a sudden things connected, light bulb moments, and then seeing Amanda’s smile and recognition at what I was just experiencing. I have no negative comments at all about Brief TA Therapy. For me 12 weeks was just right to enable me to see a clearer picture of who I am and my path forward. For me personally, Amanda was the right person for me to work with. I felt safe at all times. A very positive experience that I would recommend to anyone. 

Donna J


I started having massage treatments for lower back, neck & shoulder pain. I have found after several treatments that my back is more flexible & the pain is diminishing. My shoulders & neck are gradually releasing tension & I am almost dizzy-free! I am learning to be more in touch with my body, to let go of the tension & believe that I can be pain free again. With a busy lifestyle, I find that this is “my time”, it is important to me & I can focus on what I need. I’ve felt better these last few months than I have felt for a sustained period of time; it works for me!!


I find it hard to find words to describe how i feel when i have a massage with Amanda but I will try, I go to a calm and peaceful place and I am able to find tranquility in the hour i am with her. I now after having a few sessions am able to take this feeling with me . Amanda is amazing in what she does, I always look forward to my sessions , and would highly recommend NO HANDS® massage.

Ann S.

Having visited Amanda for several years I can highly recommend her. She offers different styles of massage and always makes me feel safe and comfortable.  I always take something different (and often surprising) from my time with her and she helps me realise what I actually need from my massage – which quite often is far more than simply wanting to relax.

Karen G

I have visited on a regular basis for several years.  Professional and friendly. Choice of different styles of massage offered together with choice of essential oils.  I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Thank you Amanda. I would highly recommend.

Helen H

A thorough massage, in pleasant surroundings. Very professionally run. Would highly recommend.

Mel W

I have chronic auto-immume related illness and have been unwell for several years. I have been having massage therapy for several months, as I was aIso using chinese herbs and acupuncture, I was able to continue the massages for longer because I was able to get a grant from WDHCS which was such a wonderful and needed support.

I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am to have been able to access this through Amanda, her skills, knowledge and expertise have amazed me, I felt valued and was able to completely trust her.
  Massage therapy is so little understood and valued. I chose holistic healing instead of drug treatment before I started massages and would not have considered it as part of my treatment, more as a luxury and relief from pain.   How little I understood. 
I believe our bodies are made to heal themselves and that we, alongside environmental factors, create disease – dis-ease by creating blockages in the free flow of energy that enables well being and healing. These blockages can come through difficult life experiences and poor choices.  Acupuncture works on aiding the free flow of energy.  
I didn’t realise until I had had several months of massage, the impact that my life experiences and choices had had on my health, nor the role of massage therapy in helping to ‘release or unblock’ this in my mind and body. I had thought the acupuncture was essential and the massage was a treat and to give my poor aching body some relief. 
As I began to feel this emotional and physical healing taking place, I would think I was nearly there, only to discover there were more layers and I needed more time. Chronic disease/ pain doesn’t develop over night, I had spent years allowing it to build up, and wholistic healing takes time. Sometimes a very long time, but our bodies are made to heal, if we will allow them to and not put blocks there, or drive ourselves with unrealistic expectations.

Amanda’s skill is outstanding, she helped me to discover for myself that we would work together to help me heal, that I had a role to play in allowing her bit of ‘magic’ to have a deeper impact than just feeling nice for a few hours.  
We live in a society where we have been taught that healing is an external treatment, we take a pill and it makes us better, I don’t know of any such pill.  An antibiotic probably comes the closest, and they come at a price. Pills don’t work on the root, a doctor once described his own profession as someone continually mopping up the floor, while the tap is still on. We can take this mentally into alternative approaches to healing, even a ‘healthy’ pill from Holland and Barrett isn’t going to heal deep rooted problems, wholistic really does mean that. Our wellbeing is in our hands, but we have to open up our heart and mind and be prepared to practice some discipline and work and balance it with a lot of fun and laughter.  
Thank you Amanda. I will be eternally grateful x


After my massage, I noticed that I was wearing fluffy cloud slippers ☁☁

NO HANDS® is the most amazing massage I’ve ever had and the effects last for weeks!

Amanda C

A big thank you to you Amanda for my course of massages . When I came I thought it would just be a massage to relax me but it was so much more . As well as helping my body heal you’ve also shown me it’s about healing the mind as well . I feel so much better these last 4 weeks and I can’t thank you enough . You have helped me learn that in order to heal our body we have to heal our mind . And with ur help I feel I’m on the way to achieving that goal . I will take away from our sessions a lot of what you have taught me . I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs some ‘ me time’ not just for the gorgeous massage but for the healing of the mind also . Look forward to more sessions with you in the future . Mandy your the best . Keep on what your doing you really do make a difference . Thank you so much for everything . Xxx

Susan B

Amanda gives the best massages ever …..she has helped me to see how I have been subconsciously tightening my shoulders and neck……now I am aware of it I have had hardly any pain since attending her massage sessions…….

Joy C

Wow , now that felt good, felt like I had a very quick strong lager, and 2 stone lighter, everyone should have a session ! Suggest every body has a session with her

Glyn G


Today I completed Amanda’s NO HANDS® massage No kneeling course. It was outstanding. The course layout, pace information, the teaching, observing and feeling the touch, was just awesome! I had the pleasure of Amanda’s touch on the course and it is out of this world! Masterful in every way. I have learnt so much today and I now have the tools to work zero strain, without kneeling. I learnt to massage the back, arms and legs, giving full treatments, using the stool and from standing.

Amazing feedback from clients and the whole day has been awesome! Amanda’s training facility has a serene feel to it. Easy to find directions given by Amanda, free parking too! Highly recommend this course!

Lynni N

Had a fantastic day of training with Amanda. She is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging – pretty much everything you want a trainer to be! Would recommend, both as a trainer and as as a therapist as I was lucky enough to experience her touch on the day. Amazing! Thank you Amanda.

Angela S

Amazing instructor! Makes you feel comfortable, the second you walk through the door. 

100% recommend

Wonderful way of connecting with you and made me feel so confident with NO HANDS®  massage

Bronte L

Amanda has a wonderful approach to represent NO HANDS® massage.

The training we have received has been fun, informative and extremely beneficial.  This is our second lot of training with Amanda and we choose to come all this way to work with her again, purely because of her skills, knowledge and how she delivers the content of NO HANDS®

Always smiles when we leave.


No Kneeling Course

I have really enjoyed the day. I have learnt so much, much more than I expected.  Amanda was very friendly and welcoming and she taught the course to an extremely high standard.

I am going home with inspiration and exciting new techniques for myself and my clients.

Many thanks

Anne G

Well run course.  Ironed out a lot of questions.  Time to reflect and practice without being rushed.

Pauline H

The No Kneeling course was excellent.  It will help me to continue to be safe in my massage practice and has given me more tools to use going forward. 

Amanda is a great instructor who is friendly, patient and helpful.

Sara R

No Kneeling course

I thoroughly enjoyed the training with Amanda for the No Kneeling course.

I found it very helpful to learn about new postures to work from to prevent injury & to realize that the positions can be light and relaxing which adds to the depth and variety of the treatment

Sheila R

Amanda’s presentation of the No Kneeling course was excellent.   Really enjoyed the day.  Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but came away totally satisfied. 

Tony M

If you want to learn how to massage in a free flowing, agile, comfortable, and centred way, this course is for you.  Take away deep, releasing techniques and experience these for yourself.  Us therapists do not need to feel discomfort whilst we work.  The NO HANDS® practitioner course, offers valuable tools to protect your massage career.

Anna K


Although I’ve done NO HANDS® before, this is the first time I’ve really ‘felt it’ & understood what it’s all about.  This is also due to the facilitator Amanda being an excellent teacher.

I would recommend the whole NO HANDS® journey to any therapist who wants to protect themselves whilst still learning to connect with clients and give excellent touch.  I could say a lot more but please just try it.



Amanda and Nadine were excellent that night. I was 1of 4 people who attended the talk and demonstration of NO HANDS® massage. It was interesting and good for therapists. Especially if the hands are hurting after many massages. Amanda is a patient and has a calming energy with herself. Lovely to meet Amanda. I will be in touch in the future for a massage. As I said I am on my spiritual path and if it involves working with energy then I am interested. Take care

Kaz K

‎Hi all, I just completed the Practitioner course today with the wonderful Sue Cross and Amanda! Absolutely loved it <3 Such an amazing massage, and so many amazing people I have met so far. Looking forward to the Advanced course!!! :-) x


After 3 days of being on the Transforming Touch Course, I feel enriched, cleansed and a new person.

Throughout the few days of receiving NO HANDS® as part of the course, I have felt that I have travelled a very personal journey.   Day 1, I was very anxious, had baggage and worries, to day 3 feeling so light and carefree!!

It felt like an emotional rollercoaster throughout the 3 days, but with day 3 being the best!

Giving NO HANDS® massage made me feel so uplifted, almost like I had received the massage.

The atmosphere of the class was so calm, understanding and at no time did I feel awkward or ‘on show’ to others.  Everything felt beautiful and RIGHT!

Amanda is a superb teacher.  Very patient, very calm, easygoing.  This made the leaning easy and flowing.

My reset button’s pressed!  I feel like all my worries, cares, concerns have been deleted! 

Adios stress + anxiety ….  Hola calm serenity and peace.  AWESOME!!!

Thank you Amanda, so so much!! 


I came to the Transforming Touch course, looking for a way to further my massage career. I have only been practicing for a few months but have already had significant issues with pain in my hands and fingers.  Transforming Touch has enabled me to experience a new, pain free way of providing effective massage to clients.

It’s more than just giving a routine massage, it’s about connecting with my clients and providing them with the opportunity to experience total release from every day stresses and strains.

It totally revolutionizes the world of massage, removing the clinical boundaries and putting the client at the focus.

Transforming Touch has opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world.

C Flemming

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