About Amanda

  • It was in 1994 when I first attended a 2 year course for massage and aromatherapy.  I completed this in 1996 and I was then qualified to practice as a member of the IIHHT.

IMG_3650I absolutely loved working with people, through massage and on witnessing how beneficial this was for people, I had an insatiable hunger to learn more.  This spurred me on to continue my own development and professional practice.  I qualified in many courses that promoted wellbeing in people i.e.

  • 1996  Reiki Second Degree – UK
  • 1997  Traditional Thai massage – Thailand
  • 1997  Holistic Hypnotherapy – UK
  • 1998  Shiatsu foundation course – UK
  • 1999  Counselling Theories – UK
  • 2000  Neuro Linguistic Programming – UK
  • 2002  Reflexology & spiritual healing – Bali
  • 2002  Usada Tapa Brata 1 meditation  – Bali

I worked with clients, using a combination of the therapies that I had learned. However after 8 years, I was unable to continue working in this way, as it was causing injury to my wrists, hands and also a huge discomfort and pain in my back.


My work focus then turned to training.  I qualified in ‘Teaching Adults in Further Education’ and I worked in all aspects of the training role: Identifying training needs, designing learning programmes, facilitating and delivering courses and evaluation.  I proceeded on to manage training teams and processes, in large organisations.   My motivation being; to help people to learn.

2007 – 2012

After having my own children and volunteering as a peer supporter, helping other mums, I felt a pull towards working with children and families, and so I worked with Barnardos.   Initially I worked supporting young people with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. Following on from this, I then moved on to support families with multiple and complex needs.

I completed and qualified in many courses along the way, continuing my own professional development to offering support in a compassionate and therapeutic way.

2013 to present day. 20171004_180610a

I found NO HANDS® massage and immediately, I knew that this was the right thing for me to do.  NO HANDS® massage not only taught me to be able to deliver deep and powerful massage without injury to my clients or myself. It also enabled me to work with clients in an holistic way, offering solutions to meet each individual client’s needs.

NO HANDS massage offered so much more than just learning techniques and strokes.  I have found NO HANDS to be a comprehensive and truly holistic approach to helping people be well, on every level i.e. Physically, Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

In fact, I found NO HANDS massage so beneficial for both clients and for therapists, that this is where I decided to really focus the majority of my continued, professional development:-

  • 2015 Teachers diploma Certificate – Meditation Tuition
  • 2015 NO HANDS® massage licensed instructor.
  • 2015 Transactional Analysis 101 – UKATA
  • 2016 Adapting massage for Cancer Care – The Christie UK
  • 2016 NO HANDS Master – after 3 years of continuous development and learning in advanced massage, I passed exams and was assessed and recognised as a Master.  This was a very special milestone for me – as from thousands of massage therapists, there are only a total of 37 massage therapists in the world, who have continued, to reach this recognition.  Click here for my reflections on becoming a master.
  • 2017 Transformational Touch Therapist
  • 2018  NO HANDS massage, Supervising Master
  • 2019  Trauma Discharge Therapist
  • 2020 Quantum Healing Facilitator
  • 2020 Trainee Psychotherapist

I have completed thousands of hours of training.  I have given thousands of massages and therapy sessions.  I have also received hundreds of massages, as there is so much that I learn from being a client including; how best to support my clients and my students whilst taking good care of myself at the same time.

I am fully qualified and insured to work with all of the services that I offer on my website.